Dear Habitat Family & Friends,

As 2019 draws to an end, I hope you all have had a Merry Christmas and joyous holidays. We were successful in putting 4 families in new or rehabbed homes this year and have several new homes in various stages of development for 2020. This is all thanks largely to the efforts of the many volunteers, sponsors, suppliers, and other contributors who support Habitat in many ways! You are all part of our family at HFHSBC and we couldn’t do it without you! As we move forward in 2020, we would like to build 5 new homes this year beginning in late January (The tentative start date for the next build, House #111 is January 23, 2020). As yet we do not have a sponsor for that build, so it will be open to all groups and volunteers.

House #110 at 510 Azalea, Lake Jackson is progressing well with drywall finished this week and trim work & painting to follow in the next couple of weeks. Finish electrical, flooring, cabinet installation, & finish plumbing to follow soon after. We are in hopes of finishing with landscaping in February and hope dedicate that home by the end of that month.

House #111 at 425 Winding Way, Lake Jackson is underway with site work & slab work progressing nicely. This house will be the March 2020 build (The tentative start date for House #112 is March 19, 2020). This home has a sponsor pending confirmation. We also hope to have some of the Wisconsin college students with The Epworth League work with us again this year on their spring break!

House #112 at 70 Fern Court, Lake Jackson will be our May build (Date pending). This house will be at least partially