The build for Home 104 is scheduled to start Thursday, May 11, 2017, at 1239 Caldwell Road in Angleton. This will be the 3rd house built this year and the 104th Habitat house built in our local area since 1991.

Build Information:

Sign-in, devotional, and breakfast are 7:30 to 8:00 a.m. each day at the big hospitality tent at the site. Work starts about 8:00 a.m. and runs until about 4:00 p.m. However, you can come and go at any time. Breakfast, lunch, water, lemonade and snacks will be provided during the regular work days except as noted in the build schedule at the end of this email.

Any and all volunteers of any skill level are welcome to participate on any of the work days. There will be skill leaders present to direct the work and to show anyone how to do an unfamiliar job. Most tools will be provided, however, you might want to bring your own hammer, tape and/or tool belt if you have them. So, find a job you want to do or take advantage of on-the-job training, and come help. Please note that there are age restrictions for safety reasons as follows:

No one under 16 can be on an active construction site.
No one under 18 is allowed to do any hazardous activities such as the use of power tools, roofing or working from a height of 6′ or more.
Those 14-15 can do painting when there is no active construction work going on at the site, but should be supervised by an adult.
Volunteers under 16 years old can help with landscape work if accompanied by an adult.
All volunteers must have a signed waiver to work. Waivers for minors must be signed by parents/guardians and notarized.

If you have not done so in the last year, adults will also need to complete a waiver before your first day of work. All this can be done before you volunteer using the attached document or on the first day you volunteer.


HOUSE NO. 104 Build Schedule

Located at 1239 Caldwell Road Angleton, TX


Wedsday 5/3

Layout. – No Meal

Cut plates if lumber is present.

Thursday 5/4 – No Meal

Delivery of materials for prefab items (door & window frames, corners & tees) porch & carport beams and porch gable truss

Cut plates if not done on Friday.

Start fabricating pre-framed materials (door & window frames, corners & tees) porch & carport beams and porch gable truss

Friday 5/5- No Meal

Finish marking plates, beams, and precuts.

Wednesday 5/10

Take delivery of studs, lumber, tub and shower

Set hospitality tent if not done earlier


Thursday 5/11 (Day 1) – Meal

Build and erect walls

Erect porch & carport beams and posts

Friday 5/12 (Day 2) – Meal

Finish building walls

Square walls

Set roof joists, hip rafters, rafters and jack rafters

Install outside wall sheathing

Saturday 5/13 (Day 3) – Meal

Take delivery of windows and ext. doors

Install ext. doors

Continue setting rafters & jack rafters

Install roof bracing

Set front porch gable and frame

Install porch lookouts, fascia, etc

Monday 5/15 (Day 4) – Meal

Install blue board on outside walls

Prepare window openings and install windows and trim boards

Start vinyl siding

Install inside deadwood for drywall and attic stairs

Install roof decking

Tuesday 5/16 (Day 5) – Meal

Continue roof decking

Rough electrical

Rough AC

Install roof felt and dry-in (donated by Galaxy Roofing)

Vinyl siding

Install ext. trim

Wednesday 5/17 (Day 6) – Meal

Delivery of sheet rock & insulation

Start rough plumbing (by contractor)

Install insulation under attic decking and baffles over soffit

Shingles (donated by Galaxy Roofing)

Vinyl siding
Thursday 5/18 (Day 7) – Meal

Continue rough plumbing (by contractor)

Vinyl siding

Friday 5/19 (Day 8) – No meal

Install gas line (by contractor)

Shingles (donated by Galaxy Roofing)

Wall insulation by Contractor

Inspection – Electrical, Plumbing and Mechanical (Heating, Ventilation &Air Conditioning-HVAC) Rough-in Inspection by city & Insulation Inspection for Energy Star

Saturday 5/20 (Day 9) – No meal

Hang Sheetrock (by contractor)

Monday 5/22 (Day 10) – No Meal
Tape and mud Sheetrock (by contractor)

Tuesday 5/23 (Day 11) – No Meal

Tape and mud Sheetrock (by contractor)

Wednesday 5/24 (Day 12) – No meal

Tape and mud Sheetrock (by contractor)

Thursday 5/25 (Day 13) – No meal

Texture Sheetrock (by contractor)

Friday 5/26 (Day 14) – No meal

Texture Sheetrock (by contractor)

Saturday 5/27 (Day 15) – No meal

Trim – Includes caulking and covering nail holes by home owner and several volunteers

Sunday 5/28 (Day 16) – Beginning at 2 PM – No meal

Tentative date for preparing the house for interior painting. Another email will be sent out before this date, when the build progress can be better assessed. This work consists of the completion of caulking and covering of nail holes (if not completed on Friday), sweeping floors and covering them with brown paper, covering windows with brown paper & plastic, covering bathtub & shower and taping door hinges. Four to six people are needed for four to six hours. It also includes delivering the primer, paint, paint sprayer and all other needed tools and supplies to the jobsite (house).

Monday 5/29 (Day 17) – No meal

Interior painting (by contractor)

Wednesday 5/31 (Day 18) – No meal

Flooring (by contractor)

Thursday 6/1 (Day 19) – No meal

Cabinets – Four to six volunteers are needed for four to six hours

Friday 6/2 (Day 20) – No Meal

FORMICA in Kitchen & bathroom lavatories (by contractor)

Final Trim

Saturday 6/3 (Day 21) – No Meal

Final electrical

Monday 6/5 (Day 22)

Final plumbing (by contractor)

Tuesday 6/6 (Day 23)

Utility Service Inspection for electricity & gas connection by city

Wednesday 6/7 (Day 24)

Set Air Conditioner condenser and install trim for central A/C & Heat (by contractor)

Saturday 6/10 (Day 25)

Tentative landscaping day (this is work youth and family groups can do). Another email will be sent out before this date, when the build progress and weather can be better assessed and this date can be confirmed or a new date set.

Monday 6/12 (Day 26)

Commission A/C and Heat (by contractor)
Tuesday 6/13 (Day 27)

Blown insulation in attic (by contractor)

Wednesday 6/14 (Day 28)

Certificate of Occupancy inspection by city

Energy Star Final Inspection including door blower test & duct leakage test (by contractor)