Dear Habitat Friends & Family,

As COVID-19 continues to pose health concerns throughout our community, the starting date for House #112 at 70 Fern Court, Lake Jackson is now moved to May 14th. This, of course, is only a tentative move since we have no idea how long we will have to continue avoid social contacts throughout our community and beyond. If it is necessary to postpone this build further, it will be re-scheduled for September or later. The further development of houses #110 & #111 will continue with subcontractor work and “very limited” small group projects to try to move these homes to completion.

The ReStore will remain closed until the crisis has past or is under control to the point which it no longer poses a severe threat to the health & safety of our volunteers, workers and customers. Once again, “very limited” small group projects may take place during this time within the facility with safety precautions and worker’s welfare taken in to account.

I know many of you are already experiencing “Cabin Fever”, or will be before this is over, but I urge you to take all precautions to insure we all come out of this together healthy and ready to continue our mission! Team Leaders, please share this with your volunteers. Please feel free to contact me any time with questions, concerns, or needs.

God Bless You All,

Dave Edgington
Executive Director
Habitat for Humanity of Southern Brazoria County